Happiness is Bagua! Thank you Laoshi...!

Happiness is Bagua!  Thank you Laoshi...!

Aug 23, 2013

2013 Luo De Xiu Bagua/Xing Yi Seminar!
                     Don't miss out!
              September 13-16th in Denver.

September 13th  ~ Xing Yi Chicken & Sparrow Hawk Form
                            6-9pm @Metro

September 14th  ~ Xing Yi Five Element 2 Person Drills 
                            11:30-2:30 @Metro
                         ~ 8 Skills To Find Fa Jing                      
                            3:30-6:30 @Metro

September 15th  ~ Xian Tian Snake, Tiger, Swallow 
                            1:15-3:15 @Denver Dance
                         ~ Kicking Line 6.4, 6.5, 6.6            
                            4:15-7:15  @Denver Dance 

September 16th  ~ San Shou                                     
                            6:30-9:30 @Metro

Every form will include the way to train that form as well as the usage.  Don't miss this opportunity to train with a master!

For more information and to register contact
Marilyn Heidrick @  denverbagua@gmail.com