Happiness is Bagua! Thank you Laoshi...!

Happiness is Bagua!  Thank you Laoshi...!

Aug 23, 2013

2013 Luo De Xiu Bagua/Xing Yi Seminar!
                     Don't miss out!
              September 13-16th in Denver.

September 13th  ~ Xing Yi Chicken & Sparrow Hawk Form
                            6-9pm @Metro

September 14th  ~ Xing Yi Five Element 2 Person Drills 
                            11:30-2:30 @Metro
                         ~ 8 Skills To Find Fa Jing                      
                            3:30-6:30 @Metro

September 15th  ~ Xian Tian Snake, Tiger, Swallow 
                            1:15-3:15 @Denver Dance
                         ~ Kicking Line 6.4, 6.5, 6.6            
                            4:15-7:15  @Denver Dance 

September 16th  ~ San Shou                                     
                            6:30-9:30 @Metro

Every form will include the way to train that form as well as the usage.  Don't miss this opportunity to train with a master!

For more information and to register contact
Marilyn Heidrick @  denverbagua@gmail.com

Aug 12, 2012

Luo De Xiu's 2012 Seminar

Luo De-Xiu’s Internal Martial Arts Seminars 2012 September 14-17th Luo De-Xiu's life-long study of Ba Gua Zhang, Tai Chi Chuan, and Xing Yi Quan brings unparalleled levels of skill and insight to his teaching. From Taipei, Taiwan, Luo De-Xiucomes to Denver as part of his yearly international tour. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the generous and open teaching of a world-recognized expert in Chinese internal martial arts.

 Friday September 14, 2012 ~ 7:00 - 8:30 pm,
~Basics of Bagua Circle Walking and Tianjin Xiantian 5~7
**Location Denver Dance Center
 Saturday September 15, 2012 ~ 12:00 – 7:00,
~3 hours How to use the palm skill of Bagua Zhang ~3 hours Throws, Body Checks, and Tripping ***Location: Kusa Dojo 1073 S. Pearl St., Denver
 Sunday September 16, 2012 ~ 1:30 – 9:00,
 ~ 6 hours Post-Heaven Line 5 Elbow Form and Elbow Strikes **Location Denver Dance Center
 Monday September 17, 2012 ~ 1 - 4,
~ 3 hours Main skill use of Tai Chi Chuan

 Location Friday, Saturday 5-8, Sunday, Monday 12:30 - 3:30 :
Denver Dance Center 2496 W. 2nd Ave, Unit 3 (south of the SHALOM CENTER) denverdancecenter@gmail.com
 Saturday 12:30 - 3:30 Kusa Dojo 1073 S. Pearl St., Denver 80209
Contact: Marilyn Heidrick 303-525-8907 denverbagua@gmail.com

Apr 22, 2010

Chinese Movement Arts

Ba Gua Zhang - Qi Gung - Tai Chi Chuan


Qi Gung consists of simple, elegant movement
patterns and holding postures that promote
energy circulation, calm the mind and spirit, and
strengthen the body. All classes are based on
this restorative practice.

Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Chi Chuan are Chinese
internal martial arts which intergrate your body,
mind and spirit while training smooth continuos
movement that is both graceful and powerful.
The fundamental training methods lay the
foundation for martial skill which can be practiced
with varying degrees of intensity.

Instructor: Marilyn Heidrick
For more info call 303-525-8907
Ongoing Classes:
Monday 6:30-7:45
Friday 5:45-7:00
Saturday 9:30-11:15
Beginners welcome.

Coming August 13-16 2010
Luo De Xiu’s
Internal Martial Arts Seminar

San Shou Sticky Hands and Fa Jing Usage:
By invitation only. Call for information.

Xing Yi Quan:

Ba Shi Form: Eight forms linking. Ba Shi combines four of the five elements and four animals.

Xing Yi Quan 5 Elements 2 Person drills

Ba Gua Zhang:

Circle Walking, emphasizing Single Palm Change

Three Pre-Heaven Circle Walking forms: Snake, Tiger, Swallow

Tai Chi Chuan: Training methods and Tai Chi push hands

Basic tai chi chuan training methods and push hands.

Location: A Living Arts Centre, 2231 S. Platte River Drive, Denver.

For registration and further information contact:

Marilyn Heidrick at 303-525-8907


Luo De Xiu of Taipei, Taiwan
is widely recognized as one of
the world’s foremost experts
in the arts of Ba Gua Zhang
and Xing Yi Quan. Don’t miss
this opportunity to experience
the generous and open teaching
of a world recognized expert in
Chinese martial arts.

Jun 3, 2009

Luo De-Xiu's Internal Martial Arts Seminars

Luo De-Xiu's Internal Martial Arts Seminars 2009

August 13-17

Chen Pan-Ling Tai Chi Chuan: The Chen Pan-Ling style combines key martial training strengths of diverse forms of Tai Chi Chuan and other internal martial arts. Sections 5 and 6, Form and Usage:
Dao Yin Qi Gung: Training for mind-spirit-body integration and internal strength. The Five Animals at Play is the most ancient form of moving qi gong, attributed to Hua Tou (110-207 AD), known as the father of Chinese medicine. In addition to the five animals (tiger, deer, monkey, bear, crane) zhan zhuang standing meditation and breathing practices will be taught.

Ba Gua Zhang: Graceful, powerful internal martial art system based on smooth, continuous circling and spiraling movements. Gao-Style Ba Gua Zhang offers a complete health system and foundation for martial skill. Xian Tian Circle Walking, Forms 6-8,

Xing Yi Quan: Powerful, direct martial art. Forms and usage of four animal forms will be taught (hawk, snake, monkey, horse).

For registration and further information contact:
Marilyn Heidrick at 303-525-8907, denverbagua@gmail.com

May 5, 2009

Class Schedule

Classes are ongoing.
New students are welcome.

Beginning Bagua Class
Saturday 9:30-11:00
Location: Washington Park

Beginning Tai Chi Classes
Tuesday 6:30 – 7:45
Friday 5:45-7:15
Location: Cushing Park

Email for more information: